Need help fixing blurry text and screen (pics added)

Hey guys! So I installed a GTX 660 yesterday with updated drivers and I seem to have a problem with blurry text. It's really not kind of noticeable at first, but I know there's a problem. The thing is that when I go on Youtube or something and watch a video, the text of my whole computer (not just browser) will become super clear (which is what I want). Then it will turn back to the fuzzy text in like 3 seconds. I even tried putting an HDMI cable (I'm using VGA) and it still has the same problem. It's confusing for me to explain it, but here are some pictures.

[FUZZY] Picture 1: This is the original fuzzy text I get. Take note of the "boldy" letters where it says "GreatNorthern...."

[CLEAR] Picture 2: Everything is more clear. I'm sorry I know it's hard to tell BUT, if you look clearly, the text is more clear and the outline is more thinner. Compare the "GreatNorthern..." to the first picture.

[FUZZY] Picture 3: Take not of the "boldy" letters of "Youtube"

[CLEAR] Picture 4: Compare the outlines of "Youtube" to the fuzzy picture.

Sorry, this is the best I can explain it. You can barely see the problem with the pictures I took and I apologize. However, I cannot take a picture fullscreen because you cannot really tell a difference when taking it with a camera phone. That's why I had to zoom in on a specific area.

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  1. Is the resolution set to your monitor's native resolution? Did you play around with the CelarType settings to try to fix this?
  2. I found the solution. It was my monitor. I had to scroll down to "Auto-Adjust".

    Thanks for your help!
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