Advice on the best lower end card for my first ever pc build

Hey guys! I am building my first PC and was told this was the best place to come to for advice. I am going to get an Intel I3 but will need a GPU to pair with it.

I am building a low price PC as I cant afford a high end one at the moment. I am trying to build something that can run modern games and can still handle future games even if at medium - low settings. My main focus in games, for the most part is RTS and MMO's so not the most taxing games.

I wouldn't want to spend more then £150 on a card, so I am really looking for the best value for money card available. I am currently considering an Asus HD 7850 I was wondering what you guys thought of this card? Or if you could suggest something better.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Take a look here,3107.html

    Pick one in you price range. You may want to see how much more an i5 is, it's a better CPU for gaming. Depending on what resolution and quality settings you want to play on, I'd even take a bit from the video card money and add it to the CPU.
  2. Thanks for that, ive read a lot of reviews about various cards, including that one but I was hoping someone may have some personal experience with this card/alternatives.
  3. 100% agree with hang-the-9 try and get a (personally) i5 2500k and maybe downgrade but certainly not compromising the performace to a 6870?

  4. At your price point ( £150 = $239), I'd get the 660,3297-24.html

    Nvidia's new retail GeForce GTX 660 delivers impressive performance for $230, and it easily outperforms the $210 Radeon HD 7850, falling just shy of the $260 Radeon HD 7870.

    £138 w/o VAT
  5. I would second the 7850 personally.

    Which power supply are you using btw? I prefer to be sure people are using proper power supplies.
  6. Good power supply. Nice quality.
  7. Is 500w enough for an i3 and that card? I thought it was but someone suggested it might not be.
  8. Well, it depends on the quality of the 500W.
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