Adding SSD to build: Best way to go about it?

Hi guys,

I just ordered a crucial M4 128 GB SSD for my build which already has Windows 7 on an HDD. I was wondering what the best way was to get Windows 7 onto it: clean install, or some sort of image taker. Do I need to reformat my HDD as well? Should I back up my important files onto an external hard drive?

Also, what raid config should my BIOS be on if I'm running OS on SSD with a few games and everything else on an HDD?

Any other tips/warnings when installing an SSD would be appreciated as well!

Thanks and happy holidays!
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  1. clean install + format only drive C on your previous HDD

    you cant take image and put it to sdd because it will not add a bootloader to the ssd
  2. So I should back up important files and clean my C drive and then install windows onto the SSD?
  3. ^ absolutely right :)

    dont forget to set sata mode --> AHCI in BIOS

    ssd should be in ahci mode
  4. I have been reading things that say it is okay to just install Win 7 on the SSD and run the computer that way without clean installing the HDD.

    Does that work as well? Any problems with that?
  5. you will have unused old drive C on it

    i dont recoomend clean format all the HDD, format only HDD drive C which contains old win 7
  6. Well I only have 1 HDD. Should I still clean format then reinstall on SSD? Anyone have a guide to link me to installation of SSD?
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