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I have to choose here.. first of, i have to choose 8 GB of 1866 G.Skill ram or 16 GB 1600 Corsair ram..
second, i have to choose a CPU. The 3570k, 2600k, 2700k or the 3770k.. I'm a 3D animator / gamer. I'm going with a MSI 660 ti PE/OC, and i'm planing on OC it even more. I'm not going with a aftermarked CPU cooler right now, and the CPU is going to run a 100% in many hours, multiple times a week. which ram should i go for, and what is the difference between 1866 and 1600 MHz?? And which cpu would be best for 3D rendering out of the box? (most value per. dollar) Most of my friends says the 3570k, but I would say the 2600k/2700k.. (the 2700k is about 35 USD cheaper than the 2600k here, for some reason) I want a experts opinion :) Thanks!

also! which case would you recommend? I want the best cooling included with the case as possible! and keep it under 150 USD.. and i wouldn't mind seeing a fan controller, and LED's :) and if possible a LED switch
here is some cases i have looked at.

Cooler Master HAF 922 Black
Zalman Z11 Plus Black
Fractal Design Define R4
Cooler Master HAF XM
Nzxt Phantom 410 Black
Nzxt Hades MidiTower Black
Cooler Master Storm Enforcer
Zalman Z9 U3
Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Black
Corsair Vengeance C70
BitFenix Colossus MiditowerWhite
Antec Dark Fleet DF-30 Miditower Black
Antec P280 Black
Thermaltake Chaser MK-I FullTower Black / Side ...
Zalman Z9 Plus MidiTower Black / Side Window Panel
Nzxt Phantom 410 White
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  1. absolutely 16 GB 1600 Corsair ram, above that, you will not get benefit from intel. if you go AMD build, then it will be a benefit

    MSI 660 ti PE is dangerous. google about MSI 660 ti PE voltage problem. go for regular gtx 670 it will be close in price

    aftermarked CPU cooler is a must for 100% usage because it will be reaching 70-90 celcius at stock cooler, hsf 212 EVO helps you ensure longetivity for your stuff

    3770k is the king of mainstream cpu right now. go for it, rendering will favors its 8 thread

    Nzxt Phantom 410 White and Fractal Design Define R4 and Cooler Master HAF 922 Black is very good case, choose the one you like most
  2. -i5 3570k will be okay, at least just think about 3570k vs 3770k do not include 2600k or 2700k.
    -16 gb of 1600 mhz. you need to check 3 thing generally; voltage (should be 1.5) , MHZ(1600 is ok) and the Clock speed( 9-9-9-24 ok) you can think like the clock speed is X and MHZ is Y you need to keep both good. When you see 1866 MHZ ram the clock speed is always 9-11-11-27 or even worse. sure there are 1866 + good clock speed rams but they are more expansive so get the 1600 mhz corsair.

    the Corsair Carbide Series 400R is the best price/performance case for me.
  3. Would I be better of going with the Zotac 670 stock than going with the MSI 660 TI PE/OC, and overclock it? also, how much hotter does the Zotac get, than the MSI?
  4. And is there problems with the MSI 670 (OC) reference?
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