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Hey guys I've been having trouble with my graphics card, and have decided to move along and test the theory that the card has gone bad; I could really use some help finding a new one.

Right now I have an ATI 6770 which runs everything relatively smoothly (when not crashing), but I want my next card to be moderately better, but not an over-the-top card. I'm looking for something under $150, and since my first and only experience with ATI has been a terrible one...I would prefer it to be NVIDIA.

I've seen Geforce 560's, 650's, etc, but I feel like I'm not finding the exact GPU I need.

Does anyone have advice on what card is slightly better than the 6770, under $150, and preferably NVIDIA based?
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    If you want to go the NVidia route or not the 650 Ti is great for your price range. The 7770 is a decent cheaper alternative, but I think it's good to try different companies.
    These cards are also very small, which I think is neat.
    Here's a benchmark between the 650 Ti and your card, the 6770 is identical to the 5770.
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