Silent graphics card for dell precision 390

Hi all,

I am using a Dell Precision 390 workstation for general home office purposes and it suits my needs well so I wouldn't think about replacement yet.

The only thing that drives me mad about it is the volume of the video card: NVVIDIA Quadro FX 3450. Now I tried all improvements, updates and fixes I could find on the net but nothing could help at all, it is still humming like a hovercraft under my desk and I can't take it no more. the bios patch for high fan volume on the dell support site is not compatible with my version of the quadro fx 3450...

Can you recommend a SILENT replacement for this card, performance is not an issue, I don't have any games installed, I am just using it to surf and write.

the specs: 4GB RAM, Intel Core2Duo 2,66 E6700 nVIDIA QUADRO FX 3450.

on the long run I would be interested in trying to build a hackintosh with this system, so a compatibility there is a bonus, but not imperative, the focus is on low volume asap.

Thanks for any help, I will just have to get rid of the whole desktop if I can't improve this.

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  1. Top of the line is this:

    A much cheaper alternative since you don't game would be something like the fanless 6570:

    I personally run the 6570 fanless low profile and love it and it doesn't make any noice (it can't since it doesn't have a fan lol)
  2. thanks for your reply! finally after going through some criticism about the fanless card that was posted above I finally found a perfect solution:

    fanless but I can run my two monitors and it can easily work with full hd, which I might need sometimes... and it is perfectly sufficient for my other daily tasks. I can absolutely recommend it!!
  3. That's a perfect card!^^

    I use a 5450 in my other system.
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