Will my system bottle cap?

i have
Tower: NZXT phantom
Processor: intel i7-3770k oc at 4.2ghz
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H
Power Supply: corsair 850W
Hard Drive: 1tb toshiba hdd 7200 rpm
Ram: 32GB corsair vengeance 4x8gb
Graphics Card: GeForce gtx 660 3GB x2
Monitor: acer 23" 1080P x2

im running the 2 acer moniters at 1920 x 1080 resolution one screen for my game skyrim want it on ultra and other one for all my internet things.

is this set possible or will it bottle cap? is this graphics card good enough to run both screens at 1080P one for gaming and other screen for regular computer use.

if you have any ideas of what to switch out for the same price or for lower plz tell me. Thank You :D
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  1. Only in Fallout.. :) Serious answer: No you won't have any bottlenecks. If you're using this strictly for gaming, then you might be able to save money with some changes.
  2. why you say fallout?? o and want type of changes give me some ideas plz
  3. lol nvm i see the fallout think cuz money is battle caps XD lol thats awsome
  4. Are you just using this system for gaming only? Or did you choose your components for rendering or editing video or something that need that much horsepower?
  5. lol no im a programmer and game disgner and i multi task like crazy trust me i need a i7 XD
  6. Well in that case you can go for it. I'm pretty sure a single graphics card can handle Skyrim unless you really want to go with 2. If you go with just one, you can upgrade it to a GTX 660 Ti. Have you thought about adding an SSD?
  7. Edit

    Keep i7
    16gb Ram.
    Drop a GTX 660, only need one for your needs. Or GTX 670.
    650 watt PSU instead.

    Fit in an SSD for a boot drive 128gb. Samsung 840, Vertex 4, Crucial m4

  8. i would like to use ssd but that wont be until next year i already spent all my money XD and wouldnt i need 2 graphics card to run both screens on 1920 x 1080 resolution and game on one screen and watch a movie on other or just watch youtube videos or to talk to friends?
  9. one screen in 1080p will always be for a game, and the other one will be for movies during game or videos on youtube while talking to friends
  10. A single 660 can display output up to 4 screens. 3 in SLI and 1 for browsing/movies etc. Everything you need to do it can do with just 1.
  11. thank you so i only need 1 graphics card? :)
  12. Yes, one. if you were going to spend money on 2 660s you'd be way better off with a 7970 instead
  13. And that leaves some cash for that SSD, with the amount you are spending on the system the extra cash from the other GPU you don't really need would be the best spend towards that SSD.

    And I think 32GB of memory is pretty overkill, 16gb should be more than enough I'm sure,

    Dare I say 8GB may even be enough?
  14. lol i know 43 gb is overkill but i already had that might as well use it XD and im not buying the graphics card at the same time i only have 300 for the graphics card
  15. wow i meant 32 GB* lol just woke up XD o and is there a big dif in gtx 660 and gtx 660ti?
  16. I have a GTX 670(ASUS TOP above 680 performance) and a GTX 660. Big difference? not from my personal experience on 1080p monitors.
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