I want to get AMD Catalyst Control Center to load up a profile auto

I used to have the older ATI Catalyst Control Center, and i could save 3d settings to a profile that would load up automatically when i started a game. How can i do that with AMD Vision Engine, it has application profiles, but it seems you have to load-up the Catalyst center and manually activate it before you play your game. I'd rather not do that. Is there a way to load a profile up automatically with a game? Is it possible to use command lines in the game's executable properties, i remember ATI Catalysts' 3d profile on a games' executable looked like an added on command line.
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  1. i haven't noticed any change. from CCC you still select your settings the click save and select your exe.
  2. When i load up farcry the settings in Catalyst Control Center don't load up the profile. I have to manually open CCC and then activate FarCry Profile then start the game.
  3. On the older ATI CCC i could create a desktop shortcut where i could click on the shortcut and it would load the CCC 3D settings profile and the game itself. Can i do this on AMD Catalyst Control Center? (Vision Engine)
  4. Do you have the AMD APP Profiles installed? If one includes FarCry, which it is good chance, it is probably overriding.
  5. Found this list in an older CCC readme

    [+] Improved command line support. Added command line options:
    /LD3D [name of profile] load Direct3D (or 3D in Control Center mode) profile
    /LDGL [name of profile] load OpenGL profile
    /LDOV [name of profile] load Overclocking profile
    /LDTV [name of profile] load Display/TV profile
    /LDGP /LOADGAME [name of profile] load Game Profile (If ATT is already started /EXIT command line parameter has no effect)
    /RSTCLK reset clocks to default values
    /EXIT Exit from ATT For example if you want to load overclocking profile and exit from ATT, you can add shortcut to ATT into Startup folder of system menu and add this command line. Always put profile name in quotation marks. atitray.exe /LDOV "My Stable OverProfile" /EXIT


    [+] Added new command line parameters:
    /LDSD - Load "Default Single Display" profile
    /EXD - Turn Extended Desktop On/Off
  6. no i don't have app profiles installed, its all so confusing isn't it considering app profiles is already a feature in their CCC disregarding crossfire-x, and it is also an add-on feature. I don't have Crossfire-X so i don't need app profiles installed. There are no profiles overriding anything.

    Those command lines don't work.

    So i enter D:\Games\Ubisoft\FarCry\Bin32\FarCry.exe /LD3D [FarCry.exe]
    and D:\Games\Ubisoft\FarCry\Bin32\FarCry.exe /LD3D FarCry.exe

    with or without / \ It doesn't update the profile. This is for a shortcut i put on the desktop.
  7. if i use the older catalyst control center, the one before amd vision engine/ amd catalyst. The older ATI Catalyst Control Center doesn't show Tesselation options, does this mean that tesselation is not actually being rendered in-game (directx 11 games) or it is beign rendered in-game and i just don't have the options to edit Tesselation intensity?
  8. If the card supports i would say there just is no option.
  9. i went back to ati tray tools. I didn't just stick with ATI Tray Tools because it's video overlay and colour settings is very bland and it doesn't work. But i'm hap with ATT, and the older ATI Catalyst is better than the new one AMD one. Talk about people saying XP is better than vista, catalyst 10.10 and before is better than everything else after. The only thing AMD Vision Engine has is AMD Tessellation settings and just that, Video converter i'm sure is uselss, as in the one they give to you.
  10. yeah their video converter is totally worthless to anyone know enough to do it themselves, same intel quicksync, better but still can hold a candle to a manual encode settings for setting.

    I would only consider the 12.11 series if your have a 7xxx card, it shows some real improvments.
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