Asus UL80Jt wireless adapter upgrade

I'm doing a few upgrades on my Asus UL80Jt and I've hit a wall with the wireless adapter... I think I've found the one I want ( which I believe will work but I can't for life of me find out where that little card goes! can anyone point me in the right direction? I've been looking on google for a few days and called Asus but they don't help people customize their systems so they were 0 help.. just wasted 10 minutes of my time - kinda bothered about that but another time prehaps.

will that card work on this laptop and where do I even put the thing?!

thanks everyone!

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  1. thanks, but I've seen that Video - my wireless adapter doesn't have a compartment like that, I've seen another video on youtube where it is next to the hard drive but as far as I can tell mine is not located there either.
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