560 ti sli vs 660ti vs amd

I'm in a bit of a prediciment and I'm turning to this fine forum for help
Now then I currently have a single EVGA 560ti running in my computer however I want to go to 3 monitor set-up for gaming.The resolution I want to run is 5760x1080

My rig:
I5-2500 (non-k sadly but I bought the rig used, can't complain)
Intel D67bg (sli compatible)
Ocz 600watt power supply
16 gigs ballistix 1866 memory
128 gig m4 boot drive
2tb WD caviar black

My question is, what route should I go for 3 monitors?
the options as I see them:
Add a second 560 ti (Could get one used for around ~120 dollars, not sure if psu can handle 2 however)

Sell my 560ti and buy a 660 ti which does support 3 monitors (around ~300 dollars minus whatever I get selling my 560 ti so more like 200)

Or I could go over to amd (I'm not very familar with their cards or numbering systems so I can't say much about them)

So any recommendations in terms of which option to choose and as for the 3rd one maybe a card mode

In terms of budget I'm not entirely sure how much I'm willing to spend, I'm looking for more options than anything else at this point, especially in the amd department which appears to support multi monitor better anyways

But to keep it simple, please no outrageous suggetions like sli 680's or something ridiculous like that, a cap of 300 dollars is really about it (lower the better)

I understand that buying the 2nd 560ti would be more of a stop-gap that will keep my rig current for a little while longer while upgrading the next gen now would leave me more open to upgrading and going with a multi-gpu solution down the line would extend that option further.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Don't get a 660 Ti, it wouldn't be powerful enough for what you want, or at least not as powerful as two 560 Tis or a good AMD Radeon 7950 for what you want.

    In your situation, I'd probably recommend going for a good Radeon 7950 such as this one:

    AMD's cards handle higher resolutions and levels of MSAA/CSAA better than Nvidia's cards do and the 7950 consumes similar amounts of power to the similarly priced GTX 660 Ti, so there's no good reason to recommend the 660 Ti. Getting a second 560 Ti would probably be about as powerful, perhaps a little more so, but it'd cost much more in power consumption and I'm also weary of running two 560 Tis on your PSU.
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