Can I add another HDD?

I have no idea where to post this but this seemed good enough.

Anyways I got an Alienware M17x R3 laptop a little while ago and need to know if I can add a second HDD.

My main is a 750gb with 64 gb Intel Smart Response I also got the BluRay player which I know sometimes takes up a HDD space. Not sure what else might interfere.

So could I add another one say this

And if so could anyone link me to some info on how to install it?
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  1. Well since it's a laptop , no you can't add another hard-drive.
  2. Yes you can add a disk drive. Some versions of that laptop come with "1.5TB RAID 0 hard drive array (2x 750GB 7200RPM; Seagate ST9750420AS)"

    Easiest way to add another drive is to plug an external drive into the USB3 port on your laptop. USB3 is fast enough to give you good perforamnce. But this only works when your laptop is at your desk.

    Next easiest is a guess. I've used several thinkpad laptops with two HDDs -- the second one fits in the optical drive bay. From your post I'm guessing that you can do the same thing with this alienware -- buy a caddy that holds a second HDD and replace optical drive. ".. I also got the BluRay player which I know sometimes takes up a HDD space..." For the thinkpad swapping out the second drive and replacing it with the optical took about 5 seconds and no tools. I found I never used the optical drive.

    You can also network attach a disk drive (e.g. a NAS drive).
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