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New pc please give me ratings and upgrade ideas

sabertooth 990fx r2
fx 8350
16gb mushkin 1600 ddr3
1gb 7750 radeon
corsair hx750w psu
antec 902 case
anything i should swap out or is this a solid build
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  1. also thinking of crossfire/sli upgrade what cards would be recommended to do that with
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    do you already have this build? there is no problem with it...

    7750 is decent for daily use. for gaming? get the monstrous 7970 instead :D
    and get cpu cooler 212 evo for the hot chip fx 8350

    rate 9/10 for AMD build, except for those items you dont have yet :)
  3. yea i had a few of the parts added the rest the gpu i had already only reason its there and i was looking ar the corsait h60 or 600 water cooler just wasnt sure if id need it
  4. currently with games like crysis 2 farcry 3 and all cpu is hitting mid to high 30's C.
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