Upgrade yes or no?

hey everyone,
I was asking myself if its any good to upgrade my rig.

My build now is a

i7 860 2.8gh
with mobo (don't know which by heart, but no Sata 3 or USB 3)
16 GB DDR3 corsair vengeance
asus ATI HD 5850

2 OCZ 120 GB SSD in Raid 0 to startup and games

I want to go to a rig of about a grand:

i5 3570K
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold

the SSD's and RAM will pass from the old to the new build, just bought them a few months ago
I would also like to experiment with OC in the new build so i also added some extra fans and new CPU cooler.

Noctua NF-A14 FLX 140x140x25
Cooler Master Hyper212 Evo

any sugestions
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  1. Looks good, but do you need such a massive PSU for that system? Is it that you plan on going SLI in the near future?

    And a GTX 670 wouldn't really top out your current CPU as-is when considering games, but you'd gain a slight bit from the clock increase. You'd get better performance just about everywhere else, though.
  2. Maybe not,
    I have a 650 W corsair in my old system, i could use that one in my new one.
    i dont know for sli, never done it before. maybe i could sli with my old card... but is it worth it? (if i could fit them in my case because the card is massive)
  3. i do not recommend you to upgrade your sistem wait for 3-4 month and buy new intel haswell cpu and the gtx 700 or hd 8000 series. Your cpu and gpu should be able to run far cry 3, cod wf3, bf 3, at medium-high.

  4. well i've made up my mind.
    i'm going to buy myself a new CPU and GPU cooler and an extra casefan and start oc'ing my current rig for some extra power.
    until i get a bit for bang for buck compared to my current rig.
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