Can i switch between Integrated Gpu and 2 Discrete Gpus Easily?

I have Asus p8z68-v mainboard, i7 2600k cpu, and 2x Hd6970 direct cu-ii discrete gpus in crossfire.

I want to enable integrated gpu in i7 2600k and 2 discrete gpus in crossfire at the same time when the os starts. For example, if i'm not gaming integrated gpu should work(discrete cards should sleep), but when i start a 3D softwares like games 2 discrete gpus should start to work.

Is there anyway to archive this ?

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  1. Sorry to say, but not in the least.

    Usually you can never use the onboard graphics and GPU graphics unless you connect the board video output and the card video output to one monitor, otherwise, not possible. Also having two connections to one Monitor may be frustrating, and having the GPUs sleep would either require great software and/or manually disabling them.
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