The sleep question - have you figured it out?

My SSD broke so i figured perfect opertunity to test out sleep and figure out whats wrong befor my new SSD gets here. Well new install on a HDD and it still happens with a fresh install of windows 7 all my hardware settings are at default right now except for my processor. I can't for the life of me figure out why it won't wake up, when i made the PC it worked fine for 6 months then just stopped working for no reason at all. I have searched high and low on the internet and noone seems to have figured out why sleep on windows just stops working. I can't seem to find any info where microsoft has addressed the issue big suprise there... So i am wondering if anyone has come up with a solution or if like me you have given up on the sleep function. I have had 3 diffrent graphics cards in this PC so its not that even tried useing the integrated card, still comes up with black screen. The PC will start up but it won't do anything have to force restart, sometimes i have to unplug it to get it to come back the PSU was replaced about 3 months ago as well. Hardware doesn't seem to be an issue here, windows just doesn't want to wake up from sleep. I have another PC that uses sleep all the time with no issue, the only diffrence i can see is the old PC is DDR2 AM2+. Same OS and same software installed has a 9800GT which i might add was in my PC to start with.
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  1. Latest BIOS installed on your motherboard?
  2. xrtpatriot said:
    Latest BIOS installed on your motherboard?

    Yeah and re-falshed them just the other day thinking my motherboard was broken turned out it was the SSD.
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