Graphic card for old pc..need help


i want to buy a graphic card for gaming..but really a big confused over what to buy.

my limit is 150$ to 160$

my choices are :-


msi gtx460 hawk 1gb ddr5

msi gtx550 ti cyclone/oc 1gb ddr5

zotac gtx460 amp 1gb ddr5

zotac gtx550 ti 1gb ddr5


msi r6670 1gb ddr5

msi 7770 1gb ddr5

msi 6770 1gb ddr5

And my pc cong is...

intel 965wh media series m/b with pci exp x16 1.1 i think

pentium d 940 dual core 3.40ghz

samsung 370h full hd led monitor 22''

1x2=2 gb ddr2 667 mhz ram in dual channel (will add 2 gb more with gpu)

2 dvd drives

320 gb hdd

atx cabinet with Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600W psu

windows xp/7

please suggest me which card i should go for,,or any other card.. :-)
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  1. Out of those the Msi 7770 is the best by far especially now with the new drivers have fun and enjoy your gaming =)
  2. hawkswoop said:
    Out of those the Msi 7770 is the best by far especially now with the new drivers have fun and enjoy your gaming =)

    thank you for replying :D according to my pc cong ..will there any cpu bottleneck from cards i mentioned ...and if go for 7770 can i play crysis in high settings :)
  3. yes there will be a cpu bottleneck bro why dont u first upgrade ur pc then after sometime upgrade ur gpu:)

    u have a best option buy fx 4100 for cpu and ga78lmt sp2t as mobo they both will cost u about rs9000 and ur psu seems good enough plus if u have a micro atx case mobo will support that case:)

    just upgrade ur mobo and cpu then after some time collect money and get gpu:)
  4. the 460 is faster more often than not. OP you need to scour the net looking at benchmarks.
  5. 7770
  6. swifty_morgan said:
    the 460 is faster more often than not. OP you need to scour the net looking at benchmarks.


    Make sure the GTX 460 you get has 256-bit memory and not 192-bit.
  7. But all of you you shouldn't recommend bottlenecking graphics cards. If the 7770 will perform the same as a 460 because of bottleneck whats the use?! OP You should get a nice 7770 or if you don't mind heat 460 and keep a CPU Upgrade in mind. You can play Crysis on high settings on 1280x720 no AA Low/Medium shadows on the 7770. Maybe a bit more FPS with the 460.
  8. ok guys...

    @ sunnk....yaar i cant upgrade my cpu n mobo...m getting bored these days thats why i want to play same games

    ok..if i go for gtx or 7770 or 7850...

    will it run on my pc cong ??

    coz of bottleneck i know that the card will not perform like that much as the card should..coz of cpu limit,,but after that also if i go for that card n play games on low n med set ,,will it possible ??? will there any hardware damage after some time ??? if no i will upgrade pc latter on :love:

    thank you guys for repling
  9. You have to face facts that you will not get what you pay for until you upgrade the mobo and cpu. Every single card you put in that machine is going to run slower than the benchmarks would suggest. So, that being said, the 7850 is the minimum card i would get with any hopes of playing at higher settings for new titles. If you want to play older stuff and are ok with lower resolution or lower settings, then the cards mentioned already are goodlike the 7770 or maybe even 6850.
  10. hello aayush,i think you should go with nvidia gts450.i already have hd 7750 with core 2 duo ,and i am not getting much performance.i think thats due to bottlenecking.all the cards u mentioned above are very powerfull w.r.t. ur processor.gts 450 is a good card which will suit for ur rig,but to run this card u must have a good psu like corsair or coolmaster.dont use it on local psu like u have to invest rs 3000 more.its upto u.i suggest u nvidia over amd for more of luck.
  11. look what problems u will face when u will play games ur cpu usage will be 100% or near that depends on the game because of that ur cpu will not give the card that much power what it requires:( so pls bro get cpu and mobo what i have suggested play games with inbuild gpu for some time after some time upgrade to a gpu:)if u wanna buy a hd 7850 which cost about rs 15000 in india why dont u get those parts i have suggested for rs 9000 and get the gpu for rest left rs 6000 u can get a hd 5770 for that price problem solved:)
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