Should i upgrade graphic card or not

hey i have intel pentium d 820 2.80 ghz with 2gb ddr2 ram,
with nvidia 8400 gs graphics card 512 mb and i am thinking of upgrading it to nvidia 610 1 gb but the thing i am thinking is that will it benefit me even a bit for gaming???
please help me that should i buy nvidia 610 or stick to that 8400gs?? :cry: :cry:
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  1. With your computer it doesn't really matter.

    2800MHz CPU isn't that bad, but it is an intel pentium.
    2GB of RAM is not going to be doing you any favors in gaming.
    Nvidia 8400GS is the worse than some of the higher end integrated graphics.

    In my opinion I would save my money and just wait for a small upgrade. Any $300 laptop would outperform your current computer.
  2. I doubt you'd notice a big difference tbh. I suppose the GT 610 would be slightly better but probably not a noticable amount. You could save up a bit and get a better one..? Not sure if that's a possibility :P
  3. Either you save some more and do a really worth upgrade, or u stay put with what you currently have until you have enough to do a proper build (if your are planning playing current games).
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