Acer 23" 3D PC Monitor ?

Hi guys
ive been looking at this 3d monitor from acer ( ) .. however im a bit confused on how 3d it really is
it states it will run games in 3d ( and movies of course ) however how will this run 3d games... normally pc games are optimized for nvidia 3d vision which requires the appropriate kit ... but this monitor is also 120hz ready and comes with Polarised 3D glasses ... can i simply run the game and then activate 3d on the monitor (put on the glasses ) and then run the game in 3d ?
this sounds too good to be true .... any advice
cheers guys
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  1. no..... ,if you're using anividia card you will need a nividia 3d vision kit ( ) if your monitor supports it, it should have a nividia 3d vison sticker

    or if you're using an amd card you just need a middle ware such as tridef3d ( ) it comes with a 14day trial
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