Why did my old internet connection make my PC slow after a while?

(Not sure if this is the right place to post this).

I posted here quite a while ago about a problem with my new computer. The problem was after some time of use (like 4 hours) i noticed it slow down and take a lot of CPU usage just to do something like load a webpage but it was not restricted to that, surfing is just something i do all the time so it was very noticable. Also when listening to music it would distort while a page was loading, my mouse would 'lag' and jump to where i was moving it while loading a page and when playing games the FPS would drop randomly...

NOTE THAT MY INTERNET WAS NOT SLOW (people seem to have got this impression when i've tried explaining).

I did tell the person who built it for me and he took it back and could find no faults, except he had different internet.

So i did a 'test' where i left my PC on without a connection all day and it was absoloutely fine when i went to try it (when these problems would be very apparent).

I finally made the switch to a new provider about a month ago to see if it was the problem and because it has been awful disconnecting all the time. Instantly the problem went away.

I'd just like some insight as to why it was. Any ideas? Is it possible to install it so badly to cause such problems?
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  1. It's more likely that your service provider was throttling your connection.
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