Nvidia GeForce 7800 GS vs Quadro FX 4000 SDI

Which do you think is a better graphics card? I currently have NVidia Quadro FX 1000 and it runs perfectly. So I choose the Quadro FX 4000.
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  1. both are really old... not much point to upgrade to either one. Also one is consumer gamer card (or was) and the other professional card for CAD and other boring stuff :)

    so weird comparison in every way...
  2. Well, I'm an AGP user(because it's the best slot I have.)
  3. just noticed your other thread. Yep, it would be better to save for a new system with up to date components, doesn't have to be high end or anything like that, even a relatively entry level machine would be way faster than what you currently have.
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