My 1st gaming pc,need help....

hello,im new here and completely new to pc gaming iv been playin on consoles my whole and now im really interested on pc gaming,well the main games im looking forward to playin is battlefield 3 and guild wars 2,so built a pc on newegg that im getting ready to buy i jus want some help and opinions from you guys to make sure im buying the proper equipment for everything to work together,so this is my set up thx






thx in advance
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  1. Hi mate , yeah that all looks fine but I'd get a different brand of power supply to be honest. I've never heard of that brand and doesn't look very well made. Go with Corsair or Seasonic. Something a bit more expensive , my power supply for a 500W was $80 so yeah. Also I don't like the case but personal preference to you!
  2. Also try & get the black edition of your hard-drive rather than blue edition
  3. thank you good sir
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