So I had a thread going last night and eventually it died without really getting answers, so sorry to flood the forums with a brand new post.

Basically to sum up my issues, I got a new 600w PSU and a 7870 HIS GPU. Things were running well (I play WOW) at over 100fps I was super happy but I would get random crashes, the whole comp would freeze up, forcing me to power off the comp and restart it. This would happen especially when raiding (card being stressed in any way), but no crashes would occur outside of gaming.

RMA'ed the card and got a Sapphire 7950 recommended by a friend. The new card has the same exact problem. Full ultra settings at over 100 fps but when a fight starts in a raid the game completely freezes up and I have to hold the power button untill the comp reboots.

So people threw out a bunch of different possibilities at me, I got CPUID to monitor temps/voltages but I really dont know how to recognize any parts of the data that may be problematic. Here is an image of the readings after logging into WOW for about an hour on an occasion where the game somehow didn't crash:

Here is an Image of the card artifacting on one occasion:
This crash has occured many many times, yet I have only seen the artifacting on this one occasion.

So I tried putting my old video card (5770) back in the computer and everything was great, raided the whole night and not one crash, everything was just fine.

After sleeping on it, I was thinking..... I never deleted the old drivers that I had from the 5770 (or the ones from the 7870 when using the Sapphire 7950) could my comp be using the old 5770 drivers somehow even tho I downloaded the new drivers on top of it when using the 2 new cards? I completely wiped all traces of any drivers from my computer this morning with "driver sweeper" and re installed the newest 7950 release from the 22nd. However I cant test it bc the WOW servers are down lol.

If anyone has any input on my situation I would be so thankful, as Im horribly frustrated/discouraged at this point. I dont know enough about computers to troubleshoot such issues on my own. Thanks for any responses in advance.
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  1. No one has ANY thoughts?
  2. what the make and model of the PSU?
  3. PSU: Corsair cx600
  4. I also tried again tonight after wiping the old driver data and played with the fresh install. The game actually didnt crash but I was getting alot of artifacting.
  5. yeah, the entire way through your post, I was going, "That's a driver issue, not a hardware issue."
  6. So did anyone look at the CPUID data? Is there any major problems with temps/voltage?

    I really dont know what to do next now that the fresh drivers dont fix the problem. Is the PSU not getting enough power to the GPU?

    The GPU has an 8pin and a 6pin slot. My PSU has both pci adapters with the extra 2 pins you can add to fit an 8slot. The GPU also came with an 8pin to molex adapter. Should I be using the adapter?
  7. Temps and Volts are fine cold in fact compared to most. I would check if you have ANY overclocking GPU utilities active. When I mine bitcoins on my pcs they will occasionally artifact, crash, freeze, from either too high volts, too low volts, too low or high overclocking of memory or clock. If you do have any programs like that open close them and see if you experience any problems. If not I would recommend reading other forums for similar issues and see if it a driver problem. It might since the card is relatively new but I would doubt it is.. If it is you will just have to do trial and error on different drivers.. Im sorry to say.

    You may want to check your voltages.. Some people on other forums get .993 on their 7950s by default.
  8. So try older drivers? Should I lower all the overclock settings in catalyst control center?
  9. Bump? This is the third time ive posted this same thread and Im still as confused as when I first posted it.

    Am I leaving out information that would help someone diagnose the problem? Can anyone if nothing else point me in the right direction?
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