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Suggestions required for LED Lighting in Corsair Obsidian 650D

I'm building a system for the first time.
Could anyone suggest some LED Lighting for Corsair Obsidian 650D?
I have checked out Bitfenix Alchemy Connect 300mm 15 LEDs White Strip and its awesome.
The only other choice I considered is NZXT Sleeved LED Cable 1m White which has on/off feature while Bitfenix doesn't.
So,either I would have to find a lighting controller or go with NZXT cable.

Any other suggestions on UV Lighting?
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    I use the Bitfenix Alchemy strips (two red 30cm's) and their very good. My rig glows pretty bright I can tell you.
    If you wanted to control their intensity, you could jury rig it to a fan controller (which reminds me, I have to do that eventually).

    Though I think this would be a better option.
    NZXT offer a 2m RGB LED strip (so you can change colours) with a controller attached. You can also turn them completely on and off.

    UV lighting, there's no point unless there's something UV reactive in the case. But if you want that you will have to deal with the older style of lighting, cold cathode's.
  2. Oh thats nice!
    'Cause the 650D has a built-in fan controller with low-med-hig settings but no on/off feature,meaning I can change light intensities of the bitfenix alchemy connect series.

    I'm preferring the Bitfenix Alchemy Connect over the NZXT one because it is very good and has separate ICs for each LED,I think! And the NZXT HUE RGB Controller has got some cons as I have read.

    Any suggestions on the manual on/off switches or controllers which would go with the bitfenix strips?
  3. I don't know of anything that could act as an on/off switch without requiring you to buy a separate fan controller with that capability.

    You willing to mod a bit? Cause I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to solder in your own on/off switch to the molex plugs just before the light. Maybe get some molex extensions so you don't ruin the plug on either the controller or the LED's end. Would also make removing the switch easy.
  4. Cant see why it wouldn't, nice find.
  5. :) :)

    BTW I've checked video reviews of NZXT HUE and found it quite interesting but the only problem is that some people who bought it say "the blue" doesn't work sometimes.
    Else I'm thinking of getting it.
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