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Graphic card for 1680*1050 resolution

i want to buy a graphic card that can play games like BF3,MW3,NFS Most Wanted and all other modern games, at around 40-45 fps at high/ultra-high settings at 1680 by 1050 resolution.
my system specifications are:
cpu: intel core 2 quad (q9300)
ram:2 gb ddr2 (800mhz)
mobo:intel dp35dp
psu:corsair cx-430 v2
gpu: nvidia 9500 gt
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    Your best choice would be the Radeon 7850, the 1gb version if you plan to stick with your current monitor or the 2gb version if you plan on getting a 1080p or higher monitor sometime soon.

    The 7850 is a very capable card, will run on your 430w PSU and be a decent fit for your CPU. See if you can overclock that Q9300 a bit, it could help as well ;)

    Edit : upgrading your ram to 4gb wouldnt hurt either!
  2. I'd go with the HD 7850, or something around that price point ($200 or so). A 7770 will get you playable framerates at max, but you're going to see some dips into framerates you don't like. A 7850 will get you minimum framerates in the low 40s with maxed settings, and run most games at a buttery smooth 60 FPS with max settings.
  3. thank you everyone for their quick reply....
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