Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 compatibility.

Hey guys.

I have had my build for around 2 years, and I never got a chance to get a graphics card, so all these years i have been gaming on a computer with Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics. Anyway, i have been looking at Graphics Cards such as the Nvidia GeForce GTS 450. On the Asrock website it says the Galaxy Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 is compatable. This is the web URL: http://www.asrock.com/mb/vga.asp?Model=Z68%20Extreme4%20Gen3&c=2 .Anyways, I'm here to ask if the Galaxy part actually matters, or if it is just some sleek advertising, as this is where i was going to buy it from: ( I'll put like @ bottom, as it is a huge URL). Here are my current computer specs:

Asrock z68 Extreme4 Gen3 Motherboard
Intel core i5 2500k desktop Processor
Corsair XMS3 8GB ( 2 X 4GB ) DDR3 Memory
OCZ ZS 650W Power Supply

I'm assuming these are the only components needed to take into account when choosing a Graphics card.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Sparkle-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTS450-PCI-E-Graphics-Card-DDR5-1GB-/190750016644?pt=UK_Computing_Computer_Components_Graphics_Video_TV_Cards_TW&hash=item2c69964484 <-- This is the one i was going to buy

Thanks to anyone who replies
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  1. It is compatible.

    Galaxy is the name of the manufacturer.

    Though, that card is terribly overpriced. You should go for this one instead:

  2. Wow! Fantastically fast reply! Thanks for you're help
  3. I've looked at you're link, and this isn't compatible with my Motherboard. Would you have any other suggestions that are on This link?

  4. It is compatible. They cannot possibly list all the graphics cards on the market: there are too much and more are coming out every day. Your motherboard has a PCI express slot, which means it is compatible with all modern graphics cards. I personally have a very similar motherboard: Asrock Extreme3 Gen3. In fact, my own graphics card isn't on their list either :).
  5. Okay. Thanks for all this help :D
  6. No problem :).
  7. Sunius said:
    No problem :).

    Whats the "Black Edition" like in comparison to the DD Core Edition?
  8. It's a bit faster - I'd say around 5-10%.
  9. Okay, Thanks. I have also just plugged in an old LCD ( I think ) Monitor into an HDMI port and i was trying to set up dual display to see if it worked with the Intel Graphics, and the screen started showing a selection of around 15 colours for 1/3 of a second at a time ( as in, the entire monitor would light up with 1 colour for 1/3 of a second then it would change colour ). Any ideas? I'm thinking it could just be something to test if all pixels are working, but if i unplug it and plug it back in it resumes this, and powering it off also does't help. Any thoughts?
  10. Does the monitor menu work while it's doing that?
  11. if so go with the GF GTX 550 that's my video card and it works graet for me it's not that mosh more $
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