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Hi, I have a radeon 7970, I'm noticing a little problem, that is.
What I'm going to insert the cable dlisplayport, attack displayport swings, it is slow does not last, but the attack comes without any problems.
Now I wanted to ask, is this normal? Or is breaking?.
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  1. Could/would you try rewording that? I'm not sure of what you've typed here means.
  2. Hi boys, happen that inserting the display port in the card the cable shifts him?that is it is not fixed.
    is it normal or is he breaking?
    Aspect your news
  3. Do you mean that the Displayport cable isn't fitting into the Displayport slot on the video card? Are you sure that you're plugging it into the right slot? A Displayport slot and an HDMI slot can look very similar, but you have to make sure that you don't mix them up because they are not compatible.

    The cable shouldn't shift if you are plugging it into the right slot properly. If it is shifting and you are sure that you tried usign the right slot, then yes, something might be broken.
  4. xblazor
    One is what I intended.
    Not the fissure and that of the displayport.
    The fact is that it enters, ago the release, if I try does not exit, but it is moved, like never.
    The cable without to make the release is not moved.
    And norm?
    But does the monitor work, all works because?
  5. Nuovo1, you're obviously using a translator software. And probably a bad one. Sorry I don't understand your questions.
  6. Nuovo1, you could try using Google translate if you need a translator that works. People say good things about it.
  7. xblazor
    One is what I intended.
    From what I noticed was the slack cable, changing cable will not budge anymore.
    It was the slack cable

    ps: Forgive me I'm Italian: (
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