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Hi guys,

I just build my new 1-2 weeks ago and these are the parts that have :

CPU : 2x Intel Xeon E5-2665
CPU Coolers : 2x Zalman CNPS12X
GPU : 2x Nvidia Quadro 4000
Memory : Geil Evo Corsa 64GB Ram
Motherboard : EVGA SR-X
HDD : Seagate Barracuda 3TB
SSD : Crucial SSD M4 256GB

I am not a tech guy and this is why I am asking :
I heard that Quadro 4000 does not support SLI bridge and I would like to know if both video cards are running automatically in 3DS Max or I need to make some settings and assign them ?
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  1. The quadro 4000 does not support sli so only 1 will be used in max. There is no way to make both run on one instance.
  2. So, its useless to have 2 Quadro 4000 ?
  3. I cannot modify the previous post so I will ask here :" Even when its rendering , 3ds max will use only one video card ?"
  4. Iray and some other gpu accelerated renderers can make use of both gpus without sli. But the viewports will only use one. You should make sure whatever renderer you're using can.
  5. Do you think that Vray can use 2 video cards ?
  6. Yes vray supports multiple cards without sli.
  7. Thank you very much for your answers :D
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