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Sorry. This probably isn't the write place to post this and I apologize again for that. I just built my new pc. On boot my keyboard will not work and it says "default uefi has been loaded" I can not go into the bios since my keyboard does not work. Is there a way to use a USB keyboard on a new build?
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  1. Make sure you aren't plugged into a USB3 port, they require drivers that most BIOS's don't have. Connect it to the mobo I/O if you aren't already.
    If you have a simpler keyboard (doesn't have any software behind it or special drivers) try using that. Maybe even an old PS/2 keyboard if you have one.
  2. i have razor keyboard x.x unfortunately i dont have a simple keyboard on hand at the moment.
  3. Problem solved. I was stupid enough to not check which usb I plugged in. Apparently I plugged in the USB Passthrough that my keyboard has instead of the actual keyboard....
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