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Gaming or Workstation?

Hello everyone, I need help choosing a video card for the computer I am going to build. This is my current list of parts:

The computer is going to be used a little for games (mainly Minecraft), but mainly for video editing (After Effects), 3D rendering (Cinema 4D), and photo editing (Photoshop). Working on the photo, video, and 3d stuff is more important than gaming for me. I would like a fast, but accurate card. I will have 1 display at full HD (1920×1080), but I would like to be able to upgrade to 2 full HD displays.

I can't decide which card I should get. The workstation (, or the gaming ( Can the gaming card do workstation stuff, and how well? Can the workstation card run Minecraft at an okay speed?
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    Workstation card will be better if you only play minecraft as it is enough for it and you will see a huge difference with it in Cinema 4D. However, if you want to play more serious games, I'm afraid the workstation card will not cut it.
  2. I am not really a gamer at all, just a bit of MC every so often. Thanks for the help, I'll go with the workstation.
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  4. Minecraft runs Java which is mostly all run on your CPU anyway. A Work station card will work just fine.
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