Sli 550ti or hd 7950???

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  1. 7950 for sure.
  2. yeah, go for the 7950
  3. Deemo13 said:
    7950 for sure.

  4. 7950 all the way...especially that particular model
  5. The 7950 beats 550 TI SLI in performance while being more energy efficient, far less stutter-ridden (maybe you wouldn't notice it on those 550 Ti cards, but maybe you would), and all-around better in most other ways too. Heck, if you care about PhysX, you could even run the 550 Ti as a PhysX processing unit for the 7950 and get the best of both worlds that way.
  6. ^^^Sounds like a good plan...

    ...With the 550ti SLI you would also only have 1GB VRAM, that's a good price for that model of 7950 too and comes with the 3 games deal so in theory works out cheaper than the 550ti sli if you were intending on buying the games
  7. definitely get a 7950. The 7950 is more powerful than the 580 and two 550ti's are comparable to a 560ti. You could also get a 7870, and that would be less then two 550ti's
  8. Two 550 ti's ? vs 7950 lol i would not even think about it get the 7950 550 Ti no offense to anybody that owns one are pretty weak bud get that 7950 and enjoy gaming like a pimp. 60+FPS in most games @1920 x 1080 FTW!
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