Can my motherboard take this graphic card?

I have one of them mini pc's that i am looking at upgrading. I will put in a new power supply and a new graphics card but i was wondering can i fit it on my motherboard. I was thinking of getting a VTX3D AMD Radeon 7770. Here a picture of my motherboard.

And a link to the specs.
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  1. Yes, it should on that MB.
    But you didn't tell us the important part, size of case, what psu you are planning to get.
  2. Sorry forgot about that, I can remove some crappy media bay thing so its long enough but i forgot that i don't think the display slots at the back are wide enough. I'll have to look for a graphics card with less display ports or something. Im getting a 430w corsair Builder series power supply. I could get a xigmatek 500w but i would prefer to go for a reliable brand.
  3. Ah, a slimline. Well, the best card you can throw in there without upgrading the case is the low profile version of the HD7750.
  4. Im going to be honest here. I have a slimline closely similar to yours and if you are upgrading just for casual gaming the card listed above is perfect, but if you want to play games like BF3 or above you might need to completely overhaul(pretty much build or get another computer). To upgrade the powersupply in a slimline is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, its not gunna happen.

    What I suggest you do(if financially possible) is inch by inch start building a new computer so for now try and get a case to fit the PSU as well as a GPU and then in the future replace your CPU and MOBO
  5. OK i have decided to go with low profile sapphire 6670. But i was wondering would i run into any problems with my motherboard being able to power the card through the pci-e slot seeing as it is only powered through the slot. Thanks
  6. Your power supply is not very powerful. I would recommend an upgrade eventually in the future.
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