Reinstalling Win 7 fresh

I recently installed Win 7 on my new buit pc (today). I have only one 2TB WD Cav. Blk HDD.

But I changed my mind. I Want to install this OS on an SSD instead and use my HDD for data.

How can I erase everything off my HDD? Do I need to format it? I don't care about losing any info or data I have placed on it as long as I can restart fresh.

Thank you.

ps. I want to just buy a 60-80GB SSD JUST for Windows. What brand do you recommend?
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  1. YES

    erase anything on hdd
    set HDD mode setting --> AHCI on BIOS
    put your SSD on
    install win 7

    feel the fast and smooth experience with ssd :)
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