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I am quite the newbie at pc's at the moment but my pc's graphics card is rather bad and wanted to upgrade it, was thinking about the GT 550 ti but you need certain watts and 16 pins and such an i don't believe my pc has it, basically what i would like to know whats the best graphics i could upgrade to? info about pc underneath
Acer X3200
AMD Phenom 8550 Triple Core Proessor 220GHz
64-bt operating system
6.2 Processo rating
7.1 Memory(RAM) RATING
5.9 Primary Hrd Disk rating
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  1. we need more info than that like what PSU do you have and the amps on the 12v line, also budget. But since its an acer i can guarantee its a slimline and if so you cant go anything over a 7750 low profile just due to size
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