Question on using 2 different cards.

Hey community,

So for school, I am running Microsoft Visual Studio, which takes advantage of the CUDA on my computer.

I've been told that for things like CAD and Solidworks that Radeon cards are better suited for the job. I've got my 6950 lying around and need to put a new cooler on it. I'm wondering if I would be able to run both cards in my system to reap benefits of both cards.

Also, I would be running using the hacked Physx drivers for gaming.

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  1. Hmmm... I dunno if you'd be able to use both at once, but if you don't mind switching them back and forth based on what sort of work you're going to be doing...
  2. I used to have them both in here, with one running Physx and the other doing the main graphics work, but it would just be nice to have the benefits of CUDA and whatever AMD uses, since I'm going to be doing this anyway.
  3. It likely depends on the application and drivers - if there's a way to switch between Stream processors and CUDA cores.
  4. Well, I might just run an experiment anyway, as I plan to put my old 6950 in here anyway.
  5. Visual studio can also use direct compute and opencl.
  6. I'm just trying to learn about this whole CUDA and DirectCompute and OpenCL. It all sorta confuses me. :)
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