XFX not giving 3 free games on Newegg?

Hello, I was just on Newegg and was planning on buying the XFX Double D 7970 Ghz Edition in the next couple of days, when I saw that the free three games and the free Dirt 3 offers had disappeared.

Could anyone please tell me what happened or if it's just a mistake on Newegg's part? Thank you.
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  1. Still nothing, did it show up when you went to Newegg. Here's the link:
  2. if you want the games you're going to have to say screw XFX. that's all there is to it............ or sit around and hope XFX starts giving the games or sit around and watch the promo pass you by.
  3. I'm not worried, the offer ends in March of next year, and I might consider buying the Sapphire Vapor X instead. I could also call XFX before I take the plunge.
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