Can't figure this out (Help?)

I just ordered and received a new pc

the specs:
Amd fx-6100
Nvidia GT 610 1gb
MSI 760GM-P34 Mobo
500w psu
8gb ddr3 1333
Windows 8 64-bit

I only ordered this pc (which is a cyberpower btw) because it was only $400 and I thought it would be a bump up over my laptop which has integrated gfx, but I was wrong as I can barely play any game. I installed the drivers for the gfx card, but nothing changed. I knew that the gpu was going to be the downside to this computer, but I thought it would be decent. I've seen some videos of the same card running games on a decent level.

Please Help!
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  1. Yeah... the 610 is less powerful than a 9800GT.

    Do you have the monitor plugged into the graphics card rather than the motherboard? (Just checking.)
  2. Yes, I have it plugged into the gpu. This is annoying and I really don't have that much more money to spend on a better gpu.
  3. I honestly don't know what happened, but now I am getting decent framerates in the games I was getting terrible framerates in earlier. It's weird because I haven't done anything to it.

    For example,

    On 1024x768 resolution in Borderlands (low settings): i was getting like 15 fps(estimation). Now I average 50-60 on the same settings (using fraps)
  4. Sounds like a loose connection got shaken into place?

    Either that or... yeah, I dunno.
  5. Probably being that it was delivered via UPS and with it being a pre-assembled computer. Thanks for your help though.
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