How to remove 24 pin power connector

Motherboard is a asus p8z68 and I can't get the 24 pin connector out I'm pushing the clip at the back and pulling but nothing is happening I'm scared to really pull any help
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  1. lol, there is no way you can pull it without forcing :) make sure you push the clip while pulling it
  2. I'm pushing the clip in on the back butthereisnt some sort of release on the motherboard.
  3. If it's a pre-build system, the connector is sometimes secured with a drop of hot-glue. You have to cut that with a screw driver or a knife.
  4. push the clip, push DOWN first on the ATX connector then finally pull UP
  5. That's what I'm doing, the clip on the back of the connector I'm pushing that and pulling up however nothing....and I'm pulling any harder I'm scared I'll break it, just to confirm there isn't a switch on the mobo like the pic e slots....
  6. System was built by me but for the life of me couldn't get it out however it came free eventually xD
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