Hey Guys! I Really Need Help!!

Hey guys! I'm going to be purchasing the parts for my new pc very soon and I need help =) I need to know whether these parts are compatible with each other and/or suggestions for different parts that may perform better (for the same price range) Thanks guys =D It's an AMD budget build.

Asrock 970 Extreme3 Am3+ -$59.99
AMD Buldozer FX-8120 -$99.99
Kingston HyperX 8GB (1600mhz) - $29.99
Evga Gt 640 -$59.99
WD Black 1TB -$69.99
Corsair CX500 -$29.99

By the way, these parts are on sale. Thats why the prices may be lower. =)
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  1. Should work perfectly fine, in fact you don't need to update the bios. The CPU support page says it is supported in all versions. Now my question to you is, what's this build going to be used for? If its for gaming we could alter the CPU and GPU....that is if your willing to change it.
  2. It's terrible if you're going to be gaming. :non:
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