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Mmmkay. I am building a gaming rig and my country isn't the most ideal for component prices (South africa). What I can come up with within my budget is the following.

Intel Core i5 3570K CPU
MSI Z77A G43 Motherboard
8GB Corsair Value DDR3-1333 Kit (2x4GB) - CL9
KFA2 GeForce GTX 660Ti EX OC 2GB
Seagate 1TB SATA 7200rpm 6Gbps (64MB Cache)
Corsair GS 600W Power Supply
Zalman Z11 Plus USB 3.0(Window, No-PSU, ATX)
LG/Samsung* 22x DVD Reader/Writer (Internal, SATA)

My main question is, KFA2 GTX 660 ti vs MSI R7870 HAwk. I will be using it, as mentioned, for gaming. The games I will be playing are COD, planetside 2, BF3, Minecraft etc
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  1. Thanks for the great link :).

    Two things, the 7870 is cheaper and I have been hearing AMD's new drivers have raised it's performance a lot.
  2. ^ great choice, AMD are the best price/performance

    you miss one here

    DDR3-1333 --> i bet you want ddr3 1600 :)
  3. I have decided to scrap this EXACT build. It was a pre-built and I have decided to just buy individual components and assemble from them. I will shortly post my new rig set-up :D.

    @AMD Radeon: besides your name giving nothing away about your biases I have to agree with you. Also I have already chosen Kingston Hyper X 2x4gb 1600mhz RAM ;)
  4. LOL :) it is the first time a member looking my name
  5. the 7870 is only better at high resolution , but at 1080p gaming with the 660Ti will kick the 7870 butt.
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