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Hi Guys...

I have recently built a new PC


16gb Ram (Basic)
1tb HDD (Seagate)
Quad Core 4.2ghz AMD (125w Thermal Design Power)
(Asus Mobo)
500w PSU

I was wanting to buy a XFX Radeon 6850 and was wondering if my PSU could handle it? (The PSU does have the required connectors)

Thanks in advance

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  1. no name psu is dagerous... make sure you get a branded one. what is it?
  2. Unnbranded, but I have never had a problem with brand before?
  3. wait for someone here commenting about your PSU. please hear them :)
  4. Anyway as you are a AMD Radeon fan, what do you think of the XFX Radeon HD 6850? and what difference does it make if it is XFX/Sapphire/Asus ect?
  5. the only difference of XFX/Sapphire etc..... is that they take AMD's chipset and put their own cooler design on it
  6. But no difference in performance? :D
  7. TripRimNobler said:
    But no difference in performance? :D

    Since the GPU is the same, more Speed Performance comes from higher clock rates for the chip and its memory.
    These are spelled out in the specs. The brand that happens to clock the fastest wins the speed game.

    Some brands make their own boards with better quality components than the reference boards.
    This does not make them faster, but as with motherboards, it can allow for more stable overclocking and longer life.

    Most brands try and differentiate by using their own style of GPU cooler.
    Some are quieter than others. Some cooler, and some both.

    For any specific GPU class, (in your case 6850), reading reviews on competing cards is the only way to learn why some cost more on the market than others and why.

    I would be looking for deals on 7000 series cards, but that's just me.

    Oh and about that no-name 500 watt PSU.
    In an unstressed environment, these boxes will usually work OK running below half power.
    You will not likely notice unstable voltage variations, ripple and noise as the motherboard will suppress most of it.
    Put a video card in that stresses a cheap PSU and all kinds of gremlins can appear.

    So if you upgrade, play a game that pushes the new card and the system gets weird. It's the PSU. Get rid of it...


  8. Which game would you suggest. I was thinking of maybe just testing with FurMark or would that just be unnecessary?
  9. corsair, antec, seasonic, and xfx are great PSU maker < they are a true quality PSU we are all recommend

    find one with 500-750 wattage which matchs your budget
  10. TripRimNobler said:
    Which game would you suggest. I was thinking of maybe just testing with FurMark or would that just be unnecessary?

    What I would suggest is that you play the games you want.

    If your system works fine, then for no extra $$ life is good.

    If not, then crashes will suggest you need a new PSU.

    We all try to get the best bang for the buck we can.
    Everyone has different ideas on how to do that.

    Try what you have that is supposed to work. If it does then you have learned what works.
    If it doesn't, then we are here to help.


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