Buying a New Graphic Card

Hello Everyone .:

My system Specs :

Intel core 2 quad p45 @2.83 ghz

Asus p5q pro Mobo

2 * 2 Gb Zion Ram DDR2

Zotac Nvidia Gts 250 1 Gb ( This is my current card which i want to replace as it is bothering me a lot )

600 Watts Coooler Master PSU

600 VA Numeric Ups

1 TB Seagate HDD

20" LCd Monitor

Now the Thing is that my current Gpu is not functioning properly and is most probably dead . So i want to Buy a new card so that i get over it altogether .

Firstly , i have a very limtied budget of around < 100 $

Secondly , i have already played every hardcore game on my pc for some years now and what i now want to do is just play Fifa and PES .

So please Suggest me some Cards That can run these 2 games Smoothly ??

PS : i prefer Nvidia but do not mind buying something else if its better.
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  1. I know it's a little over your budget but you should grab one of these as soon as you can.
    Not only will it play Fifa and PES smothly, it will play every "hardcore" game smoothly.
    It's around three times more powerfull than your current card.

    Or if you just want to play casual games this card is going to be good enough for you.
    It's an OK upgrade from your current card but it is nowhere near as powerfull as the 560 Ti.But it also consumes quite a bit less energy so you can even run it on a 200W power supply if you wanted to.
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