Best 7770 for $120

My friend is going to ask his parents for a 7770 for Christmas and they said the budget for it would be $120ish probably $130 absolutely tops. Which 7770 would you guys recommend? He might OC but he hasn't made it that big of a point. Looking for reliability and power for money
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  1. What makes that one better? Also, he might like one with 2 DVI because he has dual monitors currently with DVI setup.
  2. It's cheaper not to many options at that price range!

    These cards shine with overclocks so get the MSI, Sapphire or Asus so you can raise vgpu if need be for more gpu clocks.

    The MSI and Sapphire both have nice overclocking software that come with em.
  3. Might also want crossfire as a possible option for the future.
  4. o.k.
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