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There seems to be a few threads with similar problems to mine. Thing is non of the solutions work.
I use a 23" LED and my TV screen 42" LCD. the 23" is connected via HD and the LCD with VGA and a Dvi converter at the graphics card. I used to run both on 1920x1080 no problems.
I recently moved my PC around the room and now the LCD 42" is picking up as Generic Non-PNP and the resolutions dont fit properly anymore. When i swap out to the HD cable it picks up the 42" driver and 1920x1080 works perfect. I cant see why its not working now and why the HD cable picks up the 42" correctly but not the VGA. Could it be the VGA to DVi adapter that now dont work no more or what could be the issue?
Ive tried everything i can think of from different VGA cables, format drive and install windows again, driver updates, swapping ports nothing seems to work except using th HD cable. I dont want to plaster this by using VGA on 23" and HD on 42". I like the digital connection on the 23" and also it used to work. Using Win 7

PLEASE HELP!!! Its driving me nuts.
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  1. If it is a boarder issue that you are having on your TV, that is normal. You need to go into your graphics cards software (ex. Catalyst Control Centre for AMD/ATI) and mess around with the overscan/underscan to fill in the boarder. Also make sure that you set the graphics cards output to the NATIVE resolution of your TV. Even though your TV says it can display 1920 x 1080P it may actually be less than that (it uses a scalar chip to display HD content on a not "true" HD screen) but I doubt it because of the massive size. Just do the overscan/underscan and that should fix it.
  2. Thing is I cant find the overscan settings etc on the Nvidia control panel. But whats strange is it used to work fine and the laptop the 1920x1080 works perfect. Also when I plug in through the desktop the TV doesnt give me the option to change to PC mode etc. Its as if it doesnt have the driver for the VGA but for the HD port it does.
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