Best GPU for my old comp.


I recently purchased a new computer and im wondering how i can make my old one "usable".
The old one had a Gtx560Ti that became more and more faulty so instead of getting a new one i just got a new rig instead.
Thing is, i took the old PSU and used in my new one (as it was a 1000w psu and i figured it was more than enough) so the old comp now uses a 430w Psu instead.
The only GPU is had available is an old GT 610 card and i can't say it's doing a good job.
Im planning on either giving my old comp to my little brother for his birthday or selling it to him cheap, haven't really made up my mind yet.

So the question is, what's the best GPU that i can use with this PSU?
As far as i can see the PSU doesen't support a GPU that requires more power than it can draw from the Mobo.
The mobo is an old Gigabyte socket 775 X48-something, i can't quite remember (can find out once i get home) using PCI-express 2.0
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  1. Well, your PC can definitively accommodate something better than a GF610....
    The fact that your power supply doesn't have a PCI-express power connector doesn't mean you can't use a GPU that draws more power than that's available from the PCIe-bus. There are molex-->PCIe connectors available.
    However, it all depends on the quality of your PSU. A noname PSU is probably not capable of powering a decent GPU while a quality 430W certainly is. Furthermore, it is quite important to know how much power your other components draw, so you know how much power is available for the GPU. You can make such a calculator here:

    I depends a bit on what you expect from a new GPU, I would say a HD7750 or HD7770 would do a nice job. The HD7750 doesn't require an extra power source while the HD7770 does. Both card are definitely not the fastest available but given the age of your system I think it would be nonsensical to spend more money on it...
  2. Here's a good list to pick from:,3107.html

    The Radeon HD7750 is the fastest card that doesn't require external power. Question is, what is the make and model of that old 430W supply?
  3. To be honest im not sure about the quality of the PSU. I can find out once i get home. It was a part of a pre-built store bought computer from Acer.
    As for power usage, it's currently using a dual-core AMD CPU, 4gb ddr2 ram, 1x 300gb WD hdd, 4x 120mm fans and the Gigabyte socket 775 X48-something mobo.
    I can find out the exact numbers once i get home from work.

    The computer would be used to play games like Diablo3, Sc2, WoW and Mafia 2.
    I think he would love to play MW3 but, it's not like he can complain if he can't : )
  4. ^Can't be an AMD CPU if it's a S775 mobo. But anyway, that's semantics. Try and confirm the exact specs if possible.
  5. Im sorry about that, managed to confuse myself.
    It's an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor and mobo-
  6. C2Q's can still be decent gaming rigs. As per earlier post, I would probably go for the HD7750 if you have doubt about the PSU.
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