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I am building a computer for gaming probably for farcry, planetside 2 and bf3 i want to be able to run any game so its playable not to worried about how good it looks as long as it looks decent (high on current games such as planetside 2) also i want it to have room for upgrades to play the newest games for at least 3 to 4 years playing the newest games. I just want to know if these are all compatible and if there are any cheaper alternatives you can suggest. Also im playing on a 19 in 1440 x 900 60 hz res monitor and dont plan on buying a new one. here are the parts :

graphics card:
hard drive:
windows 7 home premium 64 bit

build cost: 825 before rebates
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  1. I'm seeing a few ways to make it cheaper but you should answer the questions from here:
  2. I dont understand that template all those questions are answered here or are talking about upgrades when im buying a new computer not upgrading
  3. My main goal is to play planetside 2 and other new games on at least high and be able to play games that come out in a few years on at least low-mid no problem. I would like to know also if i order these parts right now will i have a working computer or a bunch of useless parts that aren't compatible. I dont care about Amd or intel or amd vs nvidia just whats best for my situation my budget is 825 i will go down but not up
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    i have seen all the links :)

    very solid build except for mobo. it is B75... for an entry level CPU

    for your beast 3570K
    get at least asrock z77 extreme4 or higher :)

    and you will have great gaming PC :)
  5. Thanks for the help. Motherboards is the one thing i dont really understand is the only difference between the one in the link and the one you suggested is more usb 3 slots and pci slots? My second question is what would i need them for?
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