Advice for a new computer.

So, I currently have this.

750W cooler master stealth quiet 2
M4A89GTD pro/usb3 motherboard
AMD 1090T 3.8ghz CPU
Gigabyte 670 GTX GPU
8gb corsair venegance series ram
Hyper 212+ cooler for CPU
1tb segate HDD

I love this computer, but I know the CPU is bottlenecking me. I want to upgrade though it may not be worth it till later. I really wanted to get a I5 2500k but I can't find a good motherboard that I'd like to use for it.

Anyone have any advice on which MOBO to get for a good price that will last me for a bit?
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  1. 2500k is old sandy bridge

    you might want 3570k and asrock z77 extreme4

    they are really popular combination in this forum
  2. Now, do you think it's worth me upgrading? from what I have already? So far I get really good FPS on every game i play. The only thing is i have massive FPS drops in battlefield 3 in certain parts down to 35fps from 135fps in parts.
  3. yesss....

    there is a gap between AMD phenom and intel i5 ivy bridge... especially for gaming :)

    i dont know in what setting you played the BF3, if you play ultra, consider adding 670 for SLI :)
  4. Ultra of course, It still runs fine. Just you know being picky of seeing FPS drop. though I don't experience lag when it does.

    On a side note what's a good CPU tempature on load for the 1090T running at 3.8? I currently hit 55c after 5 hours of battlefield 3 and 2 hours of metro 2033
  5. ^ thats normal
    thanks to your hyper 212 :)
  6. Think I can go a step farther and go to 4+ghz? and if I do how do I determine voltages? or should I leave that on auto?
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