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  1. For gaming there's zero point in purchasing a 550TI. Don't purchase the 3570 unless you're getting the unlocked version. Overall it's not a bad build but there's a few things that could use improvement. What is your budget?
  2. you pick wrong cpu dude...

    you might want 3570K --- with K for overclocking potential

    your GPU is weak, you should consider at least 7870 for gaming :)

    your PSU is very expensive. corsair or xfx 750W certified silver will be sub 100 usd

    and.... :) you pick wrong fan. it is for old 754 socket back on 2005 :) pick coolermaster 212 evo instead
  3. My budget is 1-2k. I know its a lot of money, but I hope to use this computer for a while.
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