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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
August 20, 2003 11:24:04 AM

I have a problem with my monitor, it produces a flickering image. But it has nothing to do with the refresh rate. It's like the monitor rebuilds the image slightly moved to the side. At low refresh rates the side of the screen has the form of a wave, like someone is shaking it. At high refresh rates it just flickers and gives an unsharp image. Even the "NO SIGNAL" image moves from side to side. There is a pair of speakers(hifi) next to the monitor (about 40cm away from the monitor).
Can someone help me?

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August 24, 2003 5:42:06 AM

I'm having a similar problem, and I'm wondering if anyone has an idea. I got my entire system mailed over from Norway, where I usually reside, to Australia, where I live now. Well, except for the peripherals, I bought a new mouse, keyboard, case, cpu-fan and screen here. Everything looked cosher to begin with, but then a curious problem occoured: My screen started flickering, a flicker which became rather wild after a while, making text editing work rather unplesant. I do this for a living, I'm a postgraduate student, so it's quite a serious situation for me.

After having played around with the resol/upgrade frequency for a little, finding no combination that did the job, I concluded that I had made a bad buy with the screen. The screen didn't manage a refresh rate above 60 without becoming grainy. Yesterday I got a new second hand screen, a Philips 107 E4, 5 months old. And whadda you know, the problem recours! After a little while, the picture starts flickering again, and the bottom left corner is rather unfocused. I'm quite nonplussed! :( 

I am starting to wonder now, whether it's possible that it's my graphics card (Gforce 4 Ti 4200) is causing this mess. Or, another perhaps silly question, is it possible that the new fan is causing vibrations that somehow transfers to the signal? That sounds strange to me, but at this point I'm open to any suggestions..

Any ideas, anyone? It would be *much* appreciated.


EDIT: Forgot to mention this:
1. Running screen at 1024 x 768 @ 85 Hz, which is what the previous owner ran it on, w/o problems.
2. The problem seems to get worse the longer the computer is on, especially the longer a similar image is displayed on the screen.
3. The first screen is now running trouble-free at my better half's computer. Not flickering whatsoever @ 60Hz!

EDIT again: I'm getting increasingly desperate. The flickering has extended to most of the screen, and I don't understand what's going on. (just then, while typing, it got a bit better, the flickering went back to just the corner). Could the problem stem from difference in voltage from Norway (240v) til Australia (250v)? ANY ideas would be so much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

August 24, 2003 3:38:29 PM

Jonathan, I think I might have found the problem (and a solution), at least in my case. I'm not convinced it applies to you, as you didn't give many details in your explanation (for instance: is it a constant problem, or does it get better or worse at times?) Just in case you think the problem might be the same, read on:

It seems that such problems are often caused by an unstable voltage in the power connection. I confirmed my suspision that this is the cause when I turned on a powerful electric heater, and saw that the picture quality was significantly lower afterwords (more flickering). Possible solutions can be:
a) Draw an extention cable from another power outlet to where your computer is. Sometimes there can be differences within a household, and using another outlet might solve the problem. Since this is a completely free trouble shooting strategy, provided you already own an extention cable, that's what I'm doing now.
b) If this doesn't work, the problem might affect every power outlet in your hosehold. Then the cause is proably external, I'd say it's likely there is someone close by that uses a lot of power at times. In that case you might need a filtering/voltage regulation device. They need not be hugely expensive, I think, but I'm not sure at this stage, since I'm currently asking for advices from different manufacturers. Have a look here: for a quick explanation, and then have a look at some providers sites, for more information. I found some products I thought interesting here: but you might prefer to look for a supplier closer to where you live.

Hope this helps.