New System - Lag?

Hey everyone, i just bought a new PC, and it cant even run Day of Defeat source on lower res without choppyness?

I know the gpu is a little slow, but this game is oooold.

Here are my specs.

Intel i7 2600 3.4GHZ


NVidia 530 GT

The odd thing is, it seems both Catalyst Control Centre, and an NVidia settings driver programs are running.

Whats going on here?


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  1. just bought a new PC........ parts or home built ?........ seems like you have to uninstall the AMD drivers ( CCC/MOM, etc. )

    control panel-add/remove programs.
  2. Drivers. Uninstall all the display drivers. That will be everything from AMD and just the display from Nvidia. Now use driver sweeper in safe mode to remove the nvidia display drivers and all the amd stuff. Reboot normally and downoad drivers from nvidia and install.
  3. That worked pretty well! I think its now functioning closer to where it should be. Still cant run on ultra, but after research im finding that this video card is pretty darn lame. Thanks!
  4. Well to be blunt that video card is lame. You're welcome.
  5. Thats too bad. Any suggestions for one that isnt lame. And is cheap. And works with a 350W PSU? :)
  6. 7750 would work with that psu. It doesn't require a power connector.
  7. Ah it does. A little digging shows that the 7770 does as well. Futureshop in Canada has one for 170. Its a tossup between getting that card and waitin for something better in the new year. There has to be some sales then.
  8. To clarify some 7750s do and some don't. You can't find one that doesn't?
  9. Keep it short:

    Remove old drivers.

    Buy a new GPU, best choice is GTX 600-series, but only above GTX 660 or above.

    The end.
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