Help with mobo and case for a new 1000ish build

Hey all, merrychristmas!!!
I built a computer about four years ago, still running fine but I'm giving it away and starting a new one from scratch. I was absolutely terribad witht he cable management side of things so I would really like to be better at that this time around. There are alot of cases that seem to offer good cableing options, so many that I have no idea which one to go with. Aestheticaly I like cases that have a more understated look so that's a factor for me. The other thing that's confusing me is mobo selection. There seem to be so many choices with almost the exact same feature set that it feels like a coin flip. I'll link to my newegg wishlist below and would love to hear soem thoughts on the build in general and specificaly case and mbo options.
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  1. LOL couldnt agree more :D
    that is bloody awesome build

    you might want to consider corsair 750W for future SLI upgrade...
    silver certified one will be decent, but gold is the best if you can afford it
  2. thanks fo the tip! once I get the case and the mobo sorted I'll see where the budget stands for a PSU upgrade although I think I coud crossfire with the one that I have...
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